Opening of the festival exhibition

Five art stations will follow the Russian Connection, from both a historical and a contemporary perspective.

In Alexis Destoop’s art film “Northern Drift”, anthropological travel diary meets retro-futuristic sci-fi in the cold, barren landscape north of the Arctic Circle. The film is a long-term project produced in collaboration with Pikene på Broen and, before its planned premiere at the Barents Spektakel 2020, was invited to the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Since 2011, Destoop has travelled along the border between Norway and Russia; where the harsh landscape is scattered with watchtowers, the shining new Gazprom petrol stations and the remnants of the Cold War.

“The Russians Did It (Ellisif Wessel and the partisans: from yesteryear to today)” by the collective Alt Går Bra (Agnes Nedregård and Branko Boero Imwinkelried) researches taboos related to Russia. The project does not deviate from global international politics, nor from the Norwegian perspective, but rather reflects the relations the people of eastern Finnmark have with their neighbours, the Russians.

The artwork continues the visual tradition of banners associated with the Norwegian labour movement and grass-roots social actions, taking the form of a series of sewn banners that align with Russian and Soviet traditions of military and religeous

The Circumambulation Collective from St Petersburg (Vlada Milovskaya, Leyla Aliyeva, Daria Bresler, Evgenia Myakishev) are working on the cultural, psychological and political frameworks of Kirkenbes and the surrounding area to creates a kind of psychogeographic project. During the festival, the collectve will invite a city walk around an imaginary network of routes and trails in the city itself.

The Russians expelled the King crab from one ocean to another — now nature imposes its own forces on humans and their migrations on earth; it is a time of change for all living beings. Artist Inghild Karlsen, who for many years has collaborated with research communities in Tromsø, Svalbard and Murmansk, is working on an installation “Crab Time” about what lives at the bottom of the “dark” sea.

The co-curated exhibition “Spy DIY” is a collaboration between Pikene på Broen and the Russian artist and curator, Aristarkh Chernyshev. “Spy DIY” features projects by artists working with the themes of espionage, the dark web, hacking, the genre of mockumentary, personal investigations in social media and the parody of conspiracy theories. The exhibition also presents handmade drones and other devices that collect and disseminate information designed by artists; plus projects created by activists, programmers and other professionals who do not position themselves as artists. With artworks and inputs from Anders Eiebakke (Norway), Dmitry Morozov :: Vtol ::, Elena Nikonole, Valentin Fetisov, The Green Front (Russia), Anthony van der Meer (Netherlands), Media group Bitnik (Switzerland), The Yes Men (USA) ), Hans Overberg (Austria), Ad Nauseam, Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang & Edward Snowden.

Barents Spektakel
Kirkenes, February 12th – 16th, 2020
Opening of the festival exhibition: February 12th, 7.00pm

Wednesday 12th Feb
Terminal B