The Festival Exhibition

Although not related to football, the Festival Exhibition relates closely to the Arctic and our borderland, giving a tangible visual backdrop created by prominent artist authors. The Festival Exhibition consists of three art-film premiers resulting from three film productions Pikene på Broen have completed in 2017.

The films are in their final production stage. Follow the news!

Murmansk Kirkenes by Norwegian artist Knut Åsdam and Northern Drift by Belgian artist Alexis Destoop deal with our immediate borderland – one as a poetic trans-border journey of people, identities and political and natural conditions while the other is a sci-fi narration of would-be scenarios from a future based on the today’s personal stories across the border. Both these films will be shown at Terminal B.

Undercurrents by Latvian artist Voldemārs Johansons will epitomize the Arctic grandeur in its beauty and power; a realm of untouched Arctic wilderness in a desolate environment that is both rugged and fragile. Undercurrents will be presented as a cinematic outdoor installation in an ice-setting in the Pavilion Park, a setting that echoes the High Arctic.

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