Susanne M. Winterling
Sensors of Change

Sensors of change is a site-specific installation including biomass, bio resin casts, stereo sound, HD projection and public intervention

Triggered by climate change, different forces will arrive from the north. Biomass and invasive species will map and sense the change. While there is a monetary excitement about the Chinese investment, its up for speculation what the influences for the ecosystem and species will be.

The king crab brought to the Kirkenes region its spectacle experience, food and ecotourism the costs are paid by livelihoods that have nurtured and cohabited the area for hundreds of years. The transformative powers are not only told by humans….leftover.

Thanks to Maret Anne Sara and Unni Fjellheim.

Thu 14. Feb
Fri 15. Feb
Sat 16. Feb
Sun 17. Feb
10:00 - 18:00