Nabil Ahmed and Dámaso Randulfe

A temporary radio station on the industrial maritime culture of the Barents Region

Seabound is a project that examines the maritime industrial practices that shape the Barents Region — resource extraction, fishing, shipbuilding, dock-work and cargo shipping — building upon Nature, Labour, Land: A Spatial Archive for Kirkenes, the research project the artists developed for the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale. Now shifting towards the sea, the project’s narrative will consider environmental concerns, labour rights, territorial questions and their organization along the Barents Region; together with the non-human elements of maritime re-industrialization such as marine species, undersea minerals and the sea itself. Nature, Labour, Land will remain the framework and basis for a reflection on the history and future of industrial maritime culture in the Barents Region.

Seabound will take the form of a radio station broadcasting during the festival days. The spatial archive table which the artists developed for the Oslo Triennale will be turned into an active platform for the radio station. Programming may include live sessions, maritime music, radio plays and interviews with sailors, fishermen, shipbuilders and trade unionists, field recordings made at ports and at sea, readings, and shipping forecasts. Listen to the radio station online or join as live audience!

Friday 10/02/17
Saturday 11/02/17
11:00 - 18:00