Emily Newman – Ice Station Zebra

Welcome to the mysterious weather station on the Arctic ice!

Ice Station Zebra is an anti-cold war project designed to entertain and engage children on either side of the classic conflict between the West and the Red East. Through the use of the language of American pulp fiction, by exploring mysterious objects, sharing secrets, play and laughter, the project has opened an alternative channel for cross-border dialogue, aiming to neutralize the historical conflict and its lasting effects and on-going implications. Ice Station Zebra stands opposed to today’s global media campaign, where both sides are reviving the tension of the Cold War epoch that provokes feelings of distrust and paranoia in the civilian population. The project focuses specifically on the good neighbourly relationship between Kirkenes and Nikel.

Working with kids from Sør-Varanger and the Nikel Art School, Emily collected first-hand stories and theories that have been combined to create a film that follows story of the project. With photography video and text, Emily’s art-film reflects the kids’ journey to the mysterious weather station on the Arctic ice – Ice Station Zebra!

Thursday 22/02/18
Friday 23/02/18
Saturday 24/02/18
Sunday 25/02/18

10:00 - 18:00

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