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  • Máret Ánne Sara in collaberation with Elin Már Øyen Vister
    Pile o´Sápmi: ealáskan

    How do we relate to land and how do we read it´s history and presence? Kirkenes/Girkonjárga is part of core Sápmi and is situated on Eastern Sámi, Sea Sami as well as Northern Sámi shared land, colonised by the Norwegian state for centuries. Today the young town is flirting with a new massive invasion of…
  • The Common People’s Life in the Near Future – a conversation and reading with Xia Jia and Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay

    Xia Jia is a rising star of Chinese science fiction, and we are proud to host her during her first visit to Norway. This conversation will draw on Xia Jia's series of short stories entitled "The Chinese Encyclopedia", where she speculates on ordinary people's life in China of the near future. What can we extrapolate…
  • Samovar Theatre “Morning Movement Lab”

    Samovar Theatre “Morning Movement Lab”

  • Peter Fend
    Arctic Action

    For ten years, Peter Fend has conducted tests finding our if ten tonnes of marine or aquatic biomass can be harvested by a small team in one hour, meaning that 100 tonnes could be harvested in one day. Such a yield, if sustainable every year, would allow for commercial development of macro algae-to-energy industries. Fend…
  • Samovar Theater presents
    «Memory Laboratory»

    "To know how to enter the future, it's important to know where we stand and where we come from." Each one of us carries on our own genuine story. What memories do we carry with us? How do we influence and shape our memories and make us who we are? How can we use the…
  • Olga Zhitlina
    Polar Shanghai

    Almost from the very beginning of Murmansk’s history, right up until 1940, there was a Chinese district that was referred to as “Shanghai”; with the Chinese population making up the second largest diaspora after the Tatars. From where did they come from and where did they disappear? In Olga Zhitlina’s video work, we follow this…
  • Susanne M. Winterling in Collaboration with Máret Ánne Sara
    Sensors of Change

    Sensors of change is a site-specific installation including biomass, bio resin casts, stereo sound, HD projection and public intervention Triggered by climate change, different forces will arrive from the north. Biomass and invasive species will map and sense the change. While there is a monetary excitement about the Chinese investment, its up for speculation what…
  • TANG
    the festival meeting spot
    Opening Night

    Tang This year’s festival hangout is an installation as much as a social retreat, created by the artist duo Devils Apron; Trond Ansten and Kåre Grundvåg. 
TANG — as well as being one of the most popular surnames in China — is the Norwegian word for seaweed. This marine resource is packed with a dizzying…
  • The Polar Silk Road Bazaar

    Commodities and other treasures, such as Russian crystal and fur hats, collected along the Polar Silk Road. In 2015 Mobile Kultur Byrå improved the market facilities – introducing 14 unique tents with rear panels designed by artists that are now used by the Russian Market ladies. Wed 13. FebThu 14. FebFri 15.Sat 16. Feb 10:00…
  • Opening Show
    Aunt Maria fur coat and her children

    We welcome you to the spectacle that will mark the beginning of the future!